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Industrial strength, non-streaking window cleaner. Ready to use - or may be diluted. Chemically dissolves grease, nicotine, road film, etc. from windows and mirrors. Spray on, squeegee dry or use lint free towel.



Ezzy Shine


Spray polish treatment especially formulated to CLEAN-POLISH-SEAL & PROTECT paint-glass-chrome. Leaves a protective coating which beads water & helps repel dust and dirt.



Clear Vue




Wonderful Lavender scented all purpose cleaner. Leaves the sweet aroma of lavender as you clean. Deodorizes entire area. A very powerful cleaner diluted or use full strength.

Ezzy Clean



Foaming, heavy duty cleaner-degreaser. May be used full strength or diluted. Spray on, wipe off or rinse with clear water. Rapidly cuts through kitchen grease, waxes, motor lubricants, soil, dirt and grime, "puts grease and grime on the run" Biodegradable


Grease Gone



Highly concentrated heavy duty cleaner-degreaser, especially formulated to dissolve animal fats and motor lubricants. Dilutes 40:1 light cleaning, 20:1 for medium cleaning, 10:1 for heavy duty cleaning. For use in Federally inspected meat and poultry processing plants. USDA approved. 

The Heat



Powerful oven & grill cleaner for industrial use only. Use full strength. Works best on hot surfaces.

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Pine Clean


Spring Breeze


Highly concentrated floor cleaner. Especially formulated for waxed floors. Will not dull or strip floor finish. Excellent for "no wax" floors. Dilutes 2 to 3 ounces per gallon of water. Neutral Ph. Wintergreen scent.

A Pine scented deodorant cleaner for tough industrial uses. Cleans and deodorizes hard surfaces quickly and easily. Can do so many jobs so well, full strength or diluted.


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Bike Wash



Spray on - Rinse off - Dry down. Will not remove previous wax. Repeated washings tend to preserve wax base.


Mag Brite


Mag and wire wheel cleaner. Cleans, brightens, and restores luster without scrubbing buffing, or polishing. For porous aluminum and chrome. Simple to use - spray on, rinse off. 


Motorcycle Polish


Spray on - wipe off. Scientifically formulated for specialty paints, chrome, and Lexan windshields. Puts a protective coating on surfaces which extends time between washings. An occasional dusting off renews brilliant shine. Great for helmets and any shiny surface.




Silicone protector for vinyl seats, vinyl tops, dashboards, floor mats, tires, or any vinyl, rubber, or leather surfaces. Restores moisture and bring back a better than new look.

Highly concentrated hand dish-washing detergent. Especially formulated to dissolve animal fat and kitchen grease yet gentle to hands. Use 2 to 4 ounces per gallon of water. Excellent for pots and pans. SOFTENS HANDS. Pleasant spring fragrance.


Tabletop Cleaner


Designed for restaurant use. Specifically formulated for cleaning tabletops, counters, appliances, and all hard surfaces. Safe around food area.


Wash & Wax


Recommended for all vehicles, especially fine auto finishes. Removes dirt, bugs, grease, and road film. Will not remove previous wax. Repeated washings tend to preserve wax base. Keeps delicate auto finishes sparkling with a renewed luster.


Trigger Sprayer


Trigger Sprayer works great and is recommended for all bottles it fits. PLEASE NOTE that the Trigger Sprayer is NOT consider one of the product for Free Shipping


Spray Bottle


Quart Spray Bottle. PLEASE NOTE that the Spray Bottle is NOT consider one of the product for Free Shipping



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